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Product Description

The CompreCell Pouch 10S HC is a measuring cell designed for use with the CompreDrive or the CompreFrame setup.

It is designed to enable the electrochemical characterization of pouch cell format batteries using common electrochemical methods while precisely regulating the applied force (or stack pressure) and temperature (external circulator needed). The CompreCell Pouch 10S HC can be operated in combination with every available potentiostat/galvanostat model.

The cell employs a solid stainless steel body with a sample stage of square shape (e.g. 10 cm x 10 cm for 10S variant). The rated maximum applicable force is 75 kN. The rated maximum sample height is 20 mm. Furthermore with this setup cell temperatures between 0 °C and +100 °C can be realized (external circulator needed). A drip pan ensures to catch any condensed water.

The CompreCell Pouch 10S HC remains in the CompreDrive between measurement and does not need to be moved to change the cell under test.

Product Details
Article No.:
20 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm (L x W x H)
Total weight:
8 kg
Maximum sample dimensions:
10 cm x 10 cm (10S)
Maximum sample height:
20 mm (CompreDrive) / 10 mm (CompreFrame)
stainless steel (main body), PEEK
Maximum force:
75 kN (CompreDrive) / 30 kN (CompreFrame)
Operating Temperature:
0 °C ... +100 °C
Electrode arrangement (removable):
2-electrodes via gold-plated, spring-loaded contact pins
Maximum current (with default connectors):
2 A (contact pins and cables)
Maximum applied potential:
40 V ac/dc
Compatible cell stand

Introducing the CompreCell Pouch

A specialized measuring cell for pressure controlled research of pouch bag battery cells.

The CompreCell Pouch is a specialized electrochemical measuring cell for the CompreDrive cell stand, that allows the investigation of pouch bag battery cells under constant pressure and force.
The currently available default variant "10S" allows for cell sizes of up to 10x10cm. The pressure plates are customizable to your application and we are happy to discuss your requirements and wishes.
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