OAB Cutter

Product Description
The OAB Cutter is a special-purpose die cutter that enables the clean and precise cutting of circular or ring-shaped samples or spacers.
It supports cutting of bands of the following materials (maximum band size: 20 mm):
  • Polymer foils
  • Copper foil
  • Aluminium foil
  • Other materials up to a similar hardness
The default cutting diameter is 12 mm - other diameters or custom shapes are available on request. If possible, please specify your requirements when requesting a quotation.
Using the OAB Cutter for sample preparation avoids bent or torn edges that can cause experimental artifacts. Due to the straight-forward handling it saves valuable time.
The cutting tool in the OAB Cutter can be easily exchanged for different shapes in order to facilitate the preparation of complex cell designs. The cutting tool is exchanged in one piece without the need for further adjustments by the user.
Product Details
Article No.:
20 x 33 x 82 cm
Total weight:
33 kg
Cutting tool:
Disc, ring, custom
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